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Simon Denney Master Thatcher

Based in the New Forest where I served my apprenticeship, I have been thatching for 30 years.

I have a small team of experienced craftsmen and have carried out work across the country. We have steadily gained a reputation for providing excellent products at affordable prices, all whilst focusing on customer care and attention to details.

This website will show you some of our work, but please feel free to contact me for advice or guidance on all aspects of thatching….Wheat thatching, Ridges, Thatch repairs, listed buildings, roof design, materials, fire prevention, etc.

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If you would like to know more about any of our services or to discuss any requirements you may have, please call 01202 475444 / 07973 348262 or email us on simon@thatchedhouses.com.

Grand Designs

We were commissioned to work on Channel 4’s “Grand Designs” and on Sky’s “Grand Designs Trade Secrets” where we were able to demonstrate our experience of design, technique and skill.

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What is thatch?

Thatching in the UK means to cover a roof with material of a vegetable origin such as straw, reed, heather etc. The type of material chosen used to depend on its local availability. This is less the case today.

How thick is thatch?

One layer of new water reed or straw is generally 300 – 450mm  thick.

Will a roof require any maintenance?

A new ridge will need to be fitted every 8 -15 years and at this time the whole roof can be dressed and cleaned and any moss removed.

How does thatch keep weather out?

A combination of its compactness and the steep pitch of a thatched roof, mean water runs off the roof by dropping from one end of a stem of reed to another. A new thatch will only ever get wet about 25 – 50mm down from the surface.

How long does a thatch roof stay new looking?

About 2 years. Most then turn a charcoal grey colour.

Can any roof be thatched?

Yes so long as it is steep enough – 45 degrees or more is ideal.

If you would like to know more about any of our services or to discuss any requirements you may have, please contact us:

188 Fairmile Road, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 2LW

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